Electronic Music From Inner Space

Texture & Light was created by Trevor Refix Mervyn as a way to explore live instrumentation, synthesis, field recordings, and deep themes, while striking a balance between the dance floor and headphone day dreaming.

Trevor allows his unique brand of electronic music to lead him where it may, not putting much thought into staying inside a certain genre or following a certain formula. This is simply the music that Trevor was born to make, and it continues to evolve over space and time as he is carved by experience, joy, sadness, and wonder.

Trevor’s newest release, the “Eat Magic” EP, was inspired by ambient techno, nature, inner space, and the idea of authenticity. His live shows are built around the idea of bringing listeners on a fuzzy, deep, slow motion journey that takes place on a dance floor beneath the stars, but leads you deep within yourself.

Trevor’s releases have been charted by campus radio stations across Canada, as well as reaching the national Earshot! Electronic Chart (2018, 2016), the Canadian iTunes Electronic chart (2017), and the CBC R330 (2013, 2014).